Fullstack Developer

Hi 👋 Im Carlos

Fullstack engineer with a passion for building robust and user friendly web applications. Proficient in front end technologies such as React and Redux, as well as back end frameworks such as Express. Adept at using databases such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB to manage and store data. Experienced in developing APIs and integrating third party services such as Stripe and Twilio. Strong collaboration and interpersonal skills, with a commitment to delivering high quality work that meets project requirements.


What I do

Frontend Development

Using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, along with frameworks like React and Next.js, I create visually appealing and responsive user interfaces.

Backend Development

I develop scalable backends using Express, building efficient APIs and managing server-side logic for seamless data flow with the frontend.

Database Management

Proficient in both relational and non-relational databases, I optimize data storage and querying strategies for quick information access.

DevOps & Deployment

Skilled in cloud-based deployment on platforms like AWS and containerization using Docker, I ensure applications are reliable and easy to maintain.

Graphic Design

With a keen eye for aesthetics, I employ design principles and tools such as Adobe Creative Suite and Figma to create visually stunning and engaging graphics.

Agile Methodology

I excel at working in iterative sprints and adopting test driven development (TDD) for timely delivery of high-quality, error-free code.


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